Imagine starting your day feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Life can present some hurdles and sometimes getting some extra support is just what we need to take them on. I believe we must begin within to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves in order to form healthy relationships with those around us. I enjoy the use of creative and expressive therapies to help others unlock the wisdom of their body. I strive to help individuals, couples, and families reach their maximum potential by guiding them to gain access to their own natural insight to create more integration between the mind and body. My goal is to provide compassion and creativity in a warm and welcoming environment. I AM HERE TO MAKE SURE YOU NEVER FEEL ALONE AS YOU EMBARK ON A JOURNEY OF HEALING AND GROWTH. WITH A SPECIALTY IN EMDR, EFT, TRAUMA, ATTACHMENT AND PLAY THERAPY, I IMPLEMENT ELEMENTS OF CREATIVE AND NON-TRADITIONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY TO HELP OTHER CREATE, TELL, AND LIVE THEIR AUTHENTIC STORY

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